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Learn ClojureScriptλ︎

Clojure & ClojureScript languages are almost identical, so any good Clojure book or exercises can also help to learn the syntax and functions within the ClojureScript standard library.

Minor Language differences

Due to limitations of the host JavaScript platform, some language features of Clojure are not available in ClojureScipt

ClojureScipt differences from Clojure

Learning Pathλ︎

  1. Learn the basic syntax
    1. practice using an online ClojureScript REPL
  2. Solve challenges
    1. ClojureScript Koans
    2. ClojureScript track
    3. Practicalli Clojure Coding Challenges
  3. Create a ClojureScript application
    1. Landing Page website, e.g. ClojureBridge London or home page
    2. TicTacToe game with Reagent and Figwheel

Online REPLλ︎

ClojureScript REPL website provides a ClojureScript REPL in a web page, removing the need to install any tools. The page also includes an interactive cheatsheet to help discover standard functions from the ClojureScript library.

ClojureScript REPL Online tool - no install required

ClojureScript REPL


Over 70 exercises to solve with ClojureScript (or Clojure) using either their built-in editor or locally as a Clojure CLI project.

Exercism ClojureScript track

Resourcesλ︎ Language Reference

ClojureScript Online REPL

ClojureScript Koans

ClojureScript unraveled

Practicalli Clojure Coding Challenges

Reagent Cookbook