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Further content ideasλ︎

The site could be developed further as an exercise by the reader. Suggested ideas for new content sections include

  • Registration (sign up button, date, location, etc.)
  • Current sponsor (details of the current sponsor, sponsor messaging)
  • ClojureBridge overview (description of the event)
  • Clojure Showcase (some projects that demonstrate what Clojure can do)
  • Learning paths (links to the various curriculums)
  • Clojure Installation (how to set up a development environment)
  • ClojureBridge Schedule (what happens and when)
  • Resources (documentation, how to practice clojure, books, videos, etc)
  • Coaching guide (documentation to help coaches coach the students)
  • Sponsors guide (how to sponsor ClojureBridge and what to get out of it)
  • Past events (overview of all previous events, date, location, sponsors, etc.)
  • Models of learning (ideas on how to learn more effectively)

Create a function for each content section that will be developed and add call that function from the landing-page function.

HINT::Reagent examplesλ︎

Introduction to Reagent has many simple examples of functions you can include in the website

Guide to Reagent has even more examples

Create a banner heading using Bootstrap hero styleλ︎

CSS frameworks have a hero or jumbotron class for creating a large banner area on a page, highlighting the main concept or theme of the website.

(defn website-title []
  [:section {:class "hero"}
   [:h1 (get-in @app-state [:website :title])]
   [:h4 (get-in @app-state [:website :description])]])