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Test Figwheelλ︎

Note::Test Figwheel via the REPLλ︎

Verify figwheel is working by entering the following code at the REPL prompt in the terminal window.

This will be the same terminal window in which you ran lein figwheel

(js/alert "Am I connected to the browser repl with figwheel?")

Test figwheel - a JavaScript alert box from ClojureScript

An alert box should appear in the browser window that opened when figwheel was run.

Figwheel quick test: alert box

Note::Test Figwheel from source code changesλ︎

Verify figwheel is working by editing the code in the file src/tictactoe-reagent/core.cljs.

Find the hello-world function and change the last line to show a different message

(defn hello-world []
   [:h1 (:text @app-state)]
   [:h3 "Changes in the code are loaded as soon as you save the file!"]])

Test figwheel - update ClojureScript code in the editor