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Component: TicTacToeλ︎

A reagent component is simply a Clojure function. So we can take the hello world function and change it to tictactoe-game.

First we will add a simple title and message to the component. So the text of these is not hard-coded in the component, we will pull them from the app-state.

(defn tictactoe-game []
   [:h1 (get-in @app-state [:page :title])]
   [:p  (get-in @app-state [:page :message])]])

Now lets update the app-state to hold the title and message we want to display in the component.

(defonce app-state
               {:title "Lets Play TicTacToe"
                :message "Do you want to play a game?"}}))

Next we need to model the game board and add the board to the tictactoe-game component.