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Tic-tac-toe: Add Project to Git Version Controlλ︎

To manages the changes in the project I am using Git version control.

The figwheel template includes a .gitignore file that defines file & directories that should automatically be excluded from any commit.

Note::Create local git repository and commit changesλ︎

git init
git add .
git commit -m "Leiningen Project using figwheel template with reagent option"

This initial commit should have included the following files:

Git initial project commit

Optionally: Update project description & licenseλ︎

I encourage you to write a simple project description in the project.clj file to give a high level idea of what the project is about.

If the project is open source then I also include the online repository for the code in the :url section.

I also prefer to use a Creative Commons license rather than the Eclipse public license for open source works.

Project description & license updates

Reference: Default exclusions in .gitignoreλ︎

The figwheel template includes a .gitignore file including the relevant patterns to exclude files that are typically not useful to commit to a git repository.


Hint::Avoid including tooling & editor specific exclusionsλ︎

The .gitignore file should only be used for project specific exclusions.

If you have common exclusions for your tooling or editors across multiple projects, then you can use the ~/.gitignore_global file.

Git Ignore for Clojure & Emacs - ignore Emacs backup & temporary files