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Deploy to GitHub pagesλ︎

GitHub pages is a free service for serving up content in static files, its ideal for websites that do not require their own database or other services (or simply plugs into purely online services and API's).

Create a repository on GitHub for this ClojureScript project

Add that repository as a remote repository to the local Git repository for this project

git remote add origin <repository URI from GitHub>

Project specific landing pagesλ︎

There are two approaches when adding a website to a specific project.

  • add files to a gh-pages branch (classic approach)
  • add files to /docs directory on the master branch (new approach)

We will use the new approach and deploy our files in /docs

Alternative: Organisation / user Landing pagesλ︎

For Organisations on GitHub, like ClojureBridgeLondon and Pracitalli, I use two separate Git repositories

  • ClojureScript repository - created by Leiningen / figwheel template
  • Deployment repository - only contains specific files for deployment

Creating the files for deploymentλ︎

During development the build of the ClojureScript application is contained in multiple files, as this makes it easy to do fast updates of just the specific parts of the application.

When we deploy, we generate a single JavaScript file that contains our application. We also minify the application to make it quick to load into the browser.


In the root of your ClojureScript project (where project.clj file is) run the commands:

lein clean
lein fig:min

Add directory to GitHubλ︎

Create the /docs and /docs/cljs-out directories in the project first.

Add a file with a message describing the purpose of the /docs directory.

Commit the file and push to your GitHub repository

Set GitHub pages locationλ︎

Visit the GitHub repository website and update the Settings to point to `/docs as the source of GitHub pages

Setting > GitHub Pages > Source

master branch /docs folder

ClojureScript websites - Github Pages source

Copy the filesλ︎

Copy the following files into the /docs directory.

cp resources/public/index.html docs

cp -r resources/public/css docs

cp -r resources/public/images images

cp resources/public/cljs-out/dev-main.js docs/cljs-out/

Commit and push the filesλ︎

Commit all the changes in the /docs directory.

Push the commit to GitHub git push origin master

Visit your live website at

Deploying updatesλ︎

Any changes to your ClojureScript app that you want to deploy, then you only need to build the single javascrpt file again

lein clean
lein fig:min

Then copy the new javascript file to the docs/cljs-out directory

cp resources/public/cljs-out/dev-main.js docs/cljs-out/

Commit the new file and push to GitHub

git commit -a "New version"
git push origin master

If you make any changes to the index.html or css/styles.css files, then you will need to copy them into /docs directory and commit those changes too