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Practicalli ClojureScriptλ︎

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🌐 ClojureScript is an implementation of the 🌐 Clojure functional programming language for 🌐 JavaScript platforms, web browser JavaScript engines and server-side node.js.

Discover the joy of ClojureScript for building 🌐 single page applications, complex UI's, lightweight services and server side web applications. Design approaches common to ClojureScript & React will be covered along the way.

Figwheel-main provides an instant feedback development workflow, reagent library for react.js style applications, hiccup syntax for html content and ClojureScript code.

JavaScript npm packages can be used with Figwheel-main, however, this guide focuses on ClojureScript where ever possible

ClojureScript REPL driven development with Figwheel-main

Built with Spacemacs

Example websitesλ︎

Practicalli Landing page ClojureBridgeLondon Landing Page


Practicalli Clojure install guide provides a Clojure environment for ClojureScript development.

A Clojure aware editor is highly recommend along with web browser development tools to provide even greater feedback from the running application.

Hybrid JavaScript / ClojureScript develoment with npm?

Shadow-Cljs logo 🌐 shadow-cljs is built with node.js and NPM and so has deep integration with JavaScript packages, an advantage if a project benefits from significant use of node.js packages.

Follow the 🌐 shadow-cljs user guide carefully and in detail for a smooth experience. Ensure the project runs on the command line first, before trying to run the project from an editor. Also check the documentation for specific configuration to ensure your chosen editor will work correctly with shadow-cljs

Use the mouse or built-in key bindings to navigate the pages of the book

  • P , , : go to previous page
  • N , . : go to next page

Use the search box to quickly find a specific topic

  • F , S , / : open search dialog
  • Down , Up : select next / previous result
  • Esc , Tab : close search dialog
  • Enter : follow selected result

Sponsor practicalli-johnny

All sponsorship funds are used to support the continued development of Practicalli series of books and videos, although most work is done at personal cost and time.

Thanks to Cognitect, Nubank and a wide range of other sponsors from the Clojure community for your continued support

Creative commons licenseλ︎

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 ShareAlike License (including images & stylesheets).