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Refactor: Nought Cellλ︎

A component to draw a cell containing a nought.

Using the SVG :circle we define a radius :r and decide what colour the circle should be :fill.

The :stroke is the line around the edge of the graphic, so by making the :fill colour the same as the background colour and having a :stroke of green gives a O shape rather than a solid circle.

The cx and cy options place the O shape in the center of the cell.

(defn cell-nought
  "A cell with a nought inside it"
  [x-cell y-cell]
  ^{:key (str x-cell y-cell)}
  [:circle {:r 0.36
            :fill "white"
            :stroke "green"
            :stroke-width 0.1
            :cx (+ 0.42 x-cell)
            :cy (+ 0.42 y-cell)}])


No need for an :on-click event for the nought component, as once it has been chosen in a game it should not change.