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Figwheel-main Workflowλ︎

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Figwheel-main build tool and Rebel rich terminal UI is a simple way to get started with ClojureScript development

The figwheel-main template creates a project with Clojure CLI configuration, providing example code and build configurations for development, testing and deployment workflows which are explored in some detail.


Using Figwheel provides an simple way to develop, test and deploy ClojureScript projects, providing instant feedback as you develop to see exactly what the code does and help minimise bugs and avoid inappropriate design choices.

Add aliases and build configurations customise the workflows for greater flexibility. The configuration files are EDN, so are Clojure maps that are simple to work with and understand.

There are more examples of options for figwheel-main projects on the website.

lambdaisland/kaocha-cljs enables using kaocha test runner with ClojureScript project, although I am still working on an example once I've resolved an issue with the configuration

Figwheel-main example screenshot of development

Current version
com.bhauman/figwheel-main {:mvn/version "0.2.18"}