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Practicall Teamλ︎

Learnging by teaching Learning by doing

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Who Is Practicalliλ︎

Practicalli is the result of many years "learning by teaching" in the community.

The majority of learning was around Clojure and development tooling.

Community Developerλ︎

Sharing code from dojo events

Assembla GitHub

Teaching engineers how to deploy from source on Heroku PaaS platform,

Journey Into Clojureλ︎

Started looking at Haskell and Scala.

Both languages seemed more focused on defining types than solving problems. Many conepts felt quite academic and I was looking for something more pragmatic and generally simpler.

London Clojurians dojoλ︎

ClojureBridge Londonλ︎

Hack the Towerλ︎

Commercial Experienceλ︎


Live broadcasts as part of 100 days of code

Studying clojure every day, writing projects, solving challenges, helping others learn 1-2-1 and in community events.

Created Practicalli YouTube channel and branded books as Pracitalli

  • Practicalli Spacemacs
  • Practicalli Clojure
  • Practicalli Clojure Web Services
  • Practicalli ClojureScript

Contiued to develop books as commercial and community experiences continued.

Conjure plugin and Neovim Treemacs and LSP support finally enticed me to try Clojure development.

Practicalli Neovim Config was created using Fennel language, an interesting challenge but within 6 weeks I had learned a lot about Neovim, available package managers, teleport and how to write some fennel code. There were some really nice parts to the config, but it did have challenges that I wasnt going to have time to solve.

AstroNvim provided an opportunity to make Neovim as easy to use as Spacemacs, which worked our exceedingly well. Adding Clojure support was relavitely easy, copying some of the work I had done previously but for Lua rather than fennel this time.

A Clojure Pack was designed and contributed to AstroNvim Community.

Thank you.

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