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Clojure Advent Of Code - a fun way to learn

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Advent of Code is the annual coding challenge with a festive theme. Each day there is a new challenge in two parts, the first fairly easy the second a little more involved. The challenges are an investment of your time to complete them all, although even trying just a few is enough to help you think in different ways.

Every programming language requires regular practice to maintain your skills. A full time developer role gives you lots of opportunities to practice every day, however, its often focused in around solving problems within a specific business domain, with little time to explore others. The Advent of Code puts you in a different domain, so its great for extending your coding experiences.

Solving challenges in a different language is another great way to extend your experiences, so here are some tips and examples for solving the advent of code in Clojure.

Advent Of Parens 2019 - feast on Clojure this holiday season

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The holiday season is know for over indulge, so why not stuff your head full of Clojure and functional programming. Its far healthier than the alternatives :)

To help you indulge, Arne from LambdaIsland, Bobby Towers, Alexander Oloo and I are writing a blog post each day as part of the Advent Of Parens 2019 celebration. Every day we plan to publish a short posts that share tips and experiences with functional programming and Clojure.

You can find the articles I am planning to write on the practicalli blog project board.

While you wait to open these posts each day of December, I am kickstarting your feast of Clojure in this article.

I also encourage you to take some time over the holiday season to practice Clojure

Clojure powered blogging with Cryogen

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A blog website shouldnt need a complex content management system. A simple and lightweight static website generator can create engaging websites that are simple to manage with Git.

Cryogen is a static site generator written in Clojure, allowing content to be written in either markdown or asciidoc. Posts and pages are configured with Clojure hash-maps to manage the meta-data and layout information for each post.

Cryogen seems very quick to generate a site and a local server can be run to automatically generate an updated website when changes to posts and pages are saved.