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London Clojurians Community - a relatively brief history

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The London Clojurian community started in 2009 when Robert Rees tricked Bruce Durling into organsing monthly events. From those humble beginnings the community has grown close to 4,000 members with several monthly events taking place fairly consistently over the last 14 years (5 events in 1 month was the record).

The community has thrived due to the hard work of a great many people and this article probably misses out on a lot of activities (especially in the early years). I would like to thank everyone involved in organising events, hosting events and attending events. Without you there would not be a community.

I steped down as one of the main organisers having delegated all of the work to many other people. The last decade of community work has been very rewarding, but its time for other to continue the work. I now focus on the Practicalli educational websites for learning and using Clojure effectively.