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Automate Cryogen Clojure blog with GitHub Actions

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Practicalli uses Cryogen static site generator for its blog website. Cryogen is fast and simple to use thanks to the Clojure EDN file used for configuration.

Cryogen documentation shows how to publish a Cryogen blog to GitHub pages using Git command. The deployment can be automated using GitHub actions, so that a new version of the site is deployed when Pull Requests are merged to the specified branch (or on direct commits to that branch).

Clojure powered blogging with Cryogen

Practicalli Clojure Logo

A blog website shouldnt need a complex content management system. A simple and lightweight static website generator can create engaging websites that are simple to manage with Git.

Cryogen is a static site generator written in Clojure, allowing content to be written in either markdown or asciidoc. Posts and pages are configured with Clojure hash-maps to manage the meta-data and layout information for each post.

Cryogen seems very quick to generate a site and a local server can be run to automatically generate an updated website when changes to posts and pages are saved.