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Practicalli Clojure Data Scienceλ︎

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Alpha stage book

Currently the book is a collection of various external references with a small amount of commercial experience captured.

A guide to writing Clojure services and using tools to support a range of data science activities.

Topics will include data mining, data transformation and visualisation tools, techniques and libraries. Guides will take a story telling approach using visualisation tools to ensure a meaningful context in which design decisions are taken.

Data Science is a vast subject area so this guide will recommend numerous resources that go deeper into specific areas.

John Stevenson, Practicalli

Without good data, there is no science

Data Engineeringλ︎

Data Science relies on effecive data engineering workflow

Data Engineering workflow - aquire generate clean explore transform

Dont skimp on the data

Effecive models require a good history of data to work with and evolve the capabilities of a model.

If there is data to collect, then it should be collected by default and only dropped if proved to be of no value over (a long period of) time.

Not capturing data from the ealiest possible time can greatly limit or at least delay the creation of more effective models.

This guide does not claim to make any attempt to teach you how to be a professional data scientist.

Data Mining

Data Transformation

Story telling with data

Practicalli projectsλ︎

Simple Covid19 dashboard - import data from CSV, simple data wrangling and creating a website dashboard using Oz for a vega-lite based visualisation and CSS for highlighting specific data points

Practicalli Covid 19 Dashboard

Oz Visualisation examples - learn some of the capabilities of Oz and demonstrate how to create a range of visualisations

Practicalli Oz visualisation examples

  • Ascii visualisation

  • Visualising survey data

SciCloj communityλ︎

A community of people using Clojure and other tools to create amazing things in the realm of science


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