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Practicalli Amazon Web Services (AWS)λ︎

Amazon web services are an ever increasing and evolving set of Cloud services to support a wide range of deployment requirements for custom software services. AWS also includes a growing number of off-the-shelf services, especially in the realm of data science.

Practicalli content focuses on tools and services the team has used for commercial projects, so will not cover all services offered

Localstack provides AWS services locally

Use Localstack instead of creating an account if only using the services locally.

Localstack implements many of the AWS services, although some services are only commercially available

Getting Startedλ︎

Setup Root and IAM accounts

  • Find a valid credit / debit card needed to create the account (temporary $1 charge)
  • Create a root account for to administer the overall AWS account
  • Create an IAM account with Management Console login for working with AWS services
  • Create an IAM account for services to access AWS (non-login)

Ask the AWS administrator within the organisation to create an IAM user fs

Specify the access required or identify a colleague that has the same AWS access required

Install AWS CLI version 2

Configure access via the IAM account

Start Hacking


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Getting Started with AWS AWS Developer Center

AWS Regions and Availability Zones map

AWS Region Names

AWS Architecture Center Kindle Architecture white-papers

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