Layouts enable you to switch between different projects. Each layout keeps its own list of open buffers, making it quick to navigate to specific buffers.

SPC l TAB switches to the previous layout, providing a quick way to jump between two projects actively being worked on.

SPC l l shows a menu where you can select an existing layer or create a new layer. Type in the name of the layer to narrow to the existing layer name or use the name to create a new layer. The layer name shows in the mode line.

Spacemacs - Layouts - practicalli spacemacs layout

Limit SPC TAB to current layout

Add (spacemacs-layouts :variables spacemacs-layouts-restrict-spc-tab t) to the dotspacemacs-configuration-layers in the .spacemacs file to limit SPC TAB to buffers of the current layer.

Layouts Transient State

SPC l opens the Layouts transient state, allowing you to create, delete and select layouts with a single character keybinding.

The transient state also lists all the current layers.

Spacemacs Layers - example layer list

The most layer common commands are:

Keybindings Action
SPC l l Create a new layout
SPC l d Delete current layout
SPC l 0..9 Select layout in position (creates layouts if none exists)
SPC l TAB Select previously displayed layout
SPC l n / SPC l N Next / Previous layout
SPC l < / SPC l > Move layout left or right in the layout list

Spacemacs - Layouts - transient state menu - `SPC l`

Spacemacs Layouts documentation

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