Helm & completion

Spacemacs helps you find things quickly with a minimum of typing, using Emacs Helm - Helm documentation wiki.

Helm is an incremental completion and selection narrowing framework. Its the central control tower of Spacemacs, it is used to manage buffers, projects, search results, configuration layers, toggles and more.

For example, Helm helps you navigate files and directory names, only showing the matching names to the pattern you type. This minimises the need to type directory and file names in full.

Spacemacs - Helm narrowing and completion

Helm Keybinding Helm action
C-h Up to parent directory
C-l Into sub directory / open file
C-j Move down the helm menu
C-k Move up the helm menu
TAB Tab completion
M-p Traverse Helm history
C-y Paste kill ring into helm
SPC w b Switch to minibuffer

Helm - narrowing and completion framework

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