Configure CIDER test runner

Configure how the CIDER test runner operates

  • Test reports on success
  • Automatically running tests
  • Custom test namespaces
  • Macros to define tests

Display Test Report on Success

By default the test report is displayed only when there are test failures and subsequent test runs. Configure cider-test-show-report-on-success to true to show the report buffer even if tests have never failed.

In the Clojure layer config:

(clojure :variables
        cider-test-show-report-on-success t)

Or in dotspacemacs/user-config

(setq cider-test-show-report-on-success t)

CIDER Automatic Test Running

, T t (cider-auto-test-mode) toggles automatic test.

, e b evaluates the current buffer and automatically runs the CIDER test runner using all tests for that namespace

cider-auto-test-mode variable configures the state of automatic testing

In the Clojure layer config:

(clojure :variables
        cider-auto-test-mode 1)

Or in dotspacemacs/user-config

(cider-auto-test-mode 1)

Custom Test Namespaces

By convention test namespaces follow that of the src namespaces, with a -test postfix, e.g. source namespace will have a matching test namespace.

Configure the variable cider-test-infer-test-ns to call a function that takes the current namespace and returns the matching test namespace (which may be the same as the current namespace).

In this example the CIDER test runner look for practicalli.test-app-main instead of

(defun cider-custom-test-ns-fn (ns)
  "For a NS, return the test namespace, which may be the argument itself.
This uses the convention of prefix 'test-' to the namespace name."
  (when ns
    (let ((prefix "test-"))
      (if (string-prefix-p prefix ns)
        (concat prefix ns)))))

(setq cider-test-infer-test-ns #'cider-custom-test-ns-fn)

Macros Used to Define Tests

CIDER test runner will not recognize individual tests that are not defined by deftest or defspec,

Customize the variable cider-test-defining-forms and add forms for CIDER to recognize as individual test definitions.

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