Evil Cleverparens

With evil-cleverparens enabled, editing in Evil Normal state respects the structure of your code.

Spacemacs Evil Description
SPC m T s , T s Enable evil safe structural editing for the current buffer

Evil normal editing

Evil-cleverparens modifies some of the existing behaviour of Evil keybindings. It also adds some extra keybindings that use forms as a text object.

Keybinding Description
d d deletes the current line, moving closing parens to live above
D deletes from point to end of line, keeping closing parens
H Move backward by sexp
L Move forward by sexp
M-a Append at end of current form (insert)
M-i Insert at start of current form (insert)
M-h Move to the beginning of a top-level form
M-l Move to the end of the top-level form
M-O New line before current form (insert)
M-o New line after current form (insert)
x if point on parens, unwrap expression, else delete character at point
_ jump point to the first non-blank non-opening paren

Evil-cleverparens has some convienient keybindings for jumping around code using the parens, including double quotes.

Keybinding Description
( Move backward up a sexp.
) Move forward up a sexp.
[ Move to the previous opening parentheses
] Move to the next closing parentheses
{ Move to the next opening parentheses
} Move to the previous closing parentheses

work in progress, sorry

The following content is still work in progress

Dragging / Transposing

In addition to regular transpose, bound to M-t (sp-transpose-sexp), evil-cleverparens provides additional means of moving sexps around with behavior inspired by the drag-stuff-el mode. evil-drag-forward bound to M-j and evil-drag-backward bound to M-k attempt to drag the thing under point forward or backward. The depth of the thing being moved never changes, i.e. dragging is distinct from slurping or barfing.

The thing can be many different things depending on the location of the cursor:

  • On top of a symbol acts on that symbol.
  • Inside or on the delimiters of a form moves the form.
  • If a symbol or a form can't be moved any further, the command acts on its surrounding form.
  • Outside a form on a safe line will move the line.
  • On a top-level comment will move the entire comment-block.

The behavior of the command with respect to top-level sexps and lines can be customized with evil-cleverparens-drag-ignore-lines (default nil). You can also choose not to treat connected commented lines as singular units by setting evil-cleverparens-drag-comment-blocks to nil.

Slurping and Barfing

evil-cleverparens implements slurping and barfing both forwards and backwards using only the < and > keys by making them act differently when on top of a form delimiter:

  • On an opening delimiter < will slurp backwards as many times as there are preceding opening delimiters.
  • On a closing delimiter < will barf forwards. If the form contains only a single sexp inside it then evil-cleverparens will question your intention and instead do nothing. Perhaps you meant to splice or delete instead?
  • On a opening delimiter > will barf backwards with the same caveat as above.
  • On a closing delimiter > will slurp forwards as many times as there are closing delimiters behind.
  • When inside a form < will barf and > will slurp forwards.

While the specifics of the dragging, slurping and barfing behavior may seem complicated when spelled out, a lot of thought has been put to make their use feel intuitive and fluid.


While evil-cleverparens editing operations work well with evil-surround, the following specialized wrapping commands are also provided:

Key Behavior
M-( Wrap the next sexp in round parentheses.
M-) Wrap the previous sexp in round parentheses.
M-[ Wrap the next sexp in square brackets.
M-] Wrap the previous sexp in square brackets.
M-{ Wrap the next sexp in curly braces.
M-} Wrap the previous sexp in curly braces.

Each command can take a numeric argument to determine how many sexps to operate on maxing out at the number of sexps from the cursor until the end of the surrounding form. When called with the universal-argument, the operations act on the surrounding form instead. The universal argument can be called multiple times, where each consecutive call will wrap an additional expression from the surrounding form.

Copy and Paste

M-w aka evil-cp-evil-copy-paste-form will copy the surrounding form and insert it below with the proper indentation. If called outside a form it will do the same with the current line instead (as long as its safe). This command can be called with a numeric argument to repeat the paste operation that many times. Calling it with the universal-argument will copy-paste the current top-level form and insert newlines between them.

From Smartparens

The following commands have been lifted straight from smartparens:

Key Behavior
M-q sp-indent-defun
M-J sp-join-sexp
M-s sp-splice-sexp
M-S sp-split-sexp
M-t sp-transpose-sexp
M-v sp-convolute-sexp
M-r sp-raise-sexp

M-R bound to evil-cp-raise-form acts like sp-raise-sexp but on the enclosing form instead of the next one.

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