Tidying up buffers

Sometimes you want to close several buffers and not just the current buffer with SPC b d.

SPC b b displays a list of open buffers in a popup window.

M-SPC opens the Helm transient menu on the buffer popup window, allowing you to navigate using j and k keys.

M-D will prompt you to kill the buffer the cursor is currently on.

t will mark the buffer the cursor is currently on.

T will mark all buffers listed in the popup.

M-D will prompt you in turn to delete all the marked buffers.


There are a range of actions you can run from the Helm transient state or even when you just have the buffer list popup open.

a switches to the actions page

C-z displays list of available actions for a buffer

Spacemacs Buffers - Helm Actions

Helm Transient state menu

M-SPC to open Helm transient state menu, simplifying the keybindings for tidying up lots of buffers.

Spacemacs - Helm Transient State menu

Gnome Desktop keybinding conflict

M-SPC is used by the Gnome desktop for the window menu, so recommend you change the Gnome keyboard settings to use a different binding, i.e. Super w.

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