Searching Projects

SPC / and SPC s p (spacemacs/helm-project-smart-do-search) enables a a fuzzy logic search through the content of all the files in the current project. A helm pop-up displays, typing a pattern shows matching lines from all the files in the project.

Use C-j and C-k to move down and up through the search results.

RET selects the search result and shows the file and line in the current buffer.

SPC s l will repeat the last search

M-n and M-p will scroll through the search patterns whenever the search pop-up window is open

Spacemacs Helm-Ag ripgrep pattern search results

Replacing text across a project

Use search results to replace text across a project.

Open files from search results

With a search open, C-c C-f enables helm-follow. When moving through results with C-j and C-k the corresponding file is opened in the current buffer.

Set helm-follow-mode-persistent to true in .spacemacs to remember the use of C-c C-f follow mode for helm actions.

     (helm :variables
           helm-follow-mode-persistent t)

Search tool binary

Searching requires an external tool to be available on your system PATH. Ripgrep is the recommended search tool, although silver searcher (ag) is a viable alternative. Using grep is noticeably slower and has fewer options for searching.

Searching specific files

Include or exclude specific files by their names or filename extensions.

Use the -g option for a filename to search (globbing), or -g! for a filename to ignore.

-g*.clj map shows only results of searching for map from files ending in .clj

Spacemacs Helm-Ag ripgrep globbing .clj files

-g!*.md map will search for map for all files except those ending in .md

Spacemacs Helm-Ag ripgrep globbing not .md files

Example search patterns

Additional search patterns that work with ripgrep or ag.

-G*time - search for the word "time" in all files

-G*time -g*.clj - search for the word "time" in .clj files only

-tclojure time - search for "time" in all .{clj,cljs,cljc} files

uno\ duo\ tre - search for the string "uno duo tre"

-C5 foo - search for "foo" but show 5 lines of context before and after the match

(?:^|[^\w-])time(?:[^\w-]|$) - search for "time" even in kebab-case words. i.e. search for the full word "time" including "-" to be a word character

Ripgrep documentation has many regular expression examples

Searching hidden files

Searching a project using SPC / and SPC s p will ignore hidden files, those that start with .

-- --hidden or -- -uu after the search pattern to include hidden files in the search

For example, to search for the pattern scisors

scissors -- --hidden

Searching hidden files may slow searching

Ripgrep configuration and arguments

Define an environment variable called RIPGREP_CONFIG_PATH set to the file name and path

export RIPGREP_CONFIG_PATH=~/.config/ripgrep.config
Argument Description
-u don't respect .gitignore or .ignore files
-uu same as -u and show hidden files
-uuu same as -uu and search binary files
--max-columns Maximum number of columns (Spacemacs default: 150)
--glob=!git/* glob patters, ! excluded
--smart-case Ignore case


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