Evil editing states

Spacemacs States

Each states allows keys to have different behaviour, helping minimise the cognitive load and quickly building muscle memory for very powerful actions.

Evil state Description
normal manipulating and navigating existing text (default state)
insert writing new text
visual selecting regions of text
iedit edit multiple regions simultaneously
lisp structural editing for Clojure & Lisp style languages (e.g. slurp, barf)

First get familiar with normal, insert and visual states. Then when you are comfortable, move on to iedit and lisp states.

Normal state by default

Evil normal state should be used most of the time, unless you are writing code or creating lots of text.

Important key bindings

, menu contains the major mode (e.g. Clojure) specific commands, organised mnemonically

v opens the visual state and allows you to selects text

i, a, o, O opens insert state and allows you to create type text

SPC s e opens iedit and selects all matching instances of the highlighted text for editing

SPC k opens Lisp state, allowing you to do structural editing

Refactor code tools

The Refactor section has further editing techniques and Clojure specific refactoring tools.

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