iedit in action

How to do things with iedit

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Changing multiple occurrences

First select one instance of a character or word that occurs multiple times in the buffer. This is typically done with visual mode, v.

SPC s e will highlight all occurrences and put you in iedit state.

Any Vim style editing will change all occurrences.

ESC or fd will end iedit state and return to Vim normal state.

Editing selections

IEdit defaults to selecting all matches.

C-; in iedit state allows you to edit the selections.

Once editing the selections, use n to jump to next word/region and N to the previous.

M-; will toggle the selection of the current word/region.

iedit and narrowing

iedit selects all occurrences in a buffer. If you only want to change one part of the text (or a specific function), then you can narrow to just edit that specific region. See narrow for more details

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