Git Timemachine

Easily navigate backwards and forwards throught the commit history of a file under Git Version Control. The buffer shows the file as it was in each change you select.

Positioning the buffer content

Timemachine seems to work best when you have all the text visible in a buffer or you roughly know where the changes are in the file as you move between commits.

Using Timemachine

SPC g t opens the Git Timemachine transient state.

Spacemacs Git Timemachine Menu

Use the following keys to navigate through all the commits for the current file

Keybinding Description
c Show the most recent commit for the file
g Go to nth commit
p Show previous commit
n Show next commit
t Go to revision by selected commit message
w Copy the abbreviated hash of the current commit
W Copy the full hash of the current commit
q Exit Timemachine transient state

Magit blame

According to the git-timemachine website, b runs magit-blame on the currently visited revision. This keybinding is not part of the git layer in Spacemacs. As the minibuffer already shows author information, it seems redundant to add this option.

Customise Timemachine

SPC SPC customize [git-timemachine].

Spacemacs Git Timemachine - Customize

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