Magit Status

SPC g s runs Magit status, showing the status of the local git repository and any attached remote repositories. Magit status is a full Git client and can run any Git commands.

? shows all the command menus available for committing

g r to refresh Magit status buffer

Spacemacs Magit help menu

j and k to move to next / previous line

[ and ] jumps to next / previous section at the current level

TAB to expand a section

Spacemacs Magit Status Example

Using Magit status directly

If you run git status from a file that is not currently in a git project, magit will prompt you to create a git project, allowing you to select the root of the project directory

  • confirm you want to create a git repository
  • specify where to create the repository, the root directory for the git repository

Create new project with magit-repository-directories configured

If magit-repository-directories is configured with directories, then a helm pop-up menu will list the Git repositories within those directories rather than prompting to create a new repository. Type . as the selection to create a new repository with the current project.

Magit Dispatch

SPC g m calls magit-dispatch which opens a transient menu with all the Magit commands found in Magit Status buffer. Git commands can be run without the need of the Magit status buffer.

Spacemacs Magit help menu

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