Staging and unstaging changes

Regularly staging changes provides an additional safety net as you work towards a meaningful change.

Magit enables very fine grain selection when staging changes. A file, a hunk or even a specific line can be staged and unstaged. This makes it very easy to create clean commits.

s to stage the current file, hunk or selected region. Multiple files can be staged by selecting the filenames. S stages all the untracked files and Unstaged changes.

u to unstage the current file, hunk or selected region in the staged changes section. U to unstage everything (from anywhere in the Magit Status buffer).

Spacemacs Magit Status - staging files

TAB to expand a section, eg. a file expands to git hunks, hunks expand to lines in the hunk. S-TAB to collapse a section.

[ to jump down from section to section, ] to jump back up.

v to visually select one or more filenames or lines to stage or unstage. Note: visual selection does not work over Git hunk boundaries when they are expanded.

Magit staging and commit basics

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