Clone and Fork remote repositories

The github layer provides commands to clone and fork repositories from Spacemacs.

SPC g h c / to search GitHub for a repository, returning a list of matching repository names that you can clone.

SPC g h c c to clone a specific repository if you have the exact name, e.g. practicalli/spacemacs-content or the URL for the repository.

A prompt is displays to define the path where the remote repository will be cloned too.

If the remote repository is not from your own GitHub account, a prompt asks if you wish to create a fork of the project. y will create a fork in your GitHub account (you are not given an option to select an organisation in which to create a fork.)

y at the final prompt will set the remote repository as the default push destination.

Once completed the Magit Status buffer displays.

M will show the details of the remote repositories. r will rename the selected remote, i.e. change origin to the more specific practicalli or jr0cket name.

q to leave the Magit Status buffer.

SPC f f to open files from this project.

Pushing / Pulling changes

P p pushes local commits and is set to the fork if you created one after the clone, otherwise its the cloned repository

F u pulls remote commits from the cloned repository (upstream)

See Pull Changes and Push Changes for more details.

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