GitHub Gists

GitHub Gists are used to share code or configuration without the need of a git project.

SPC g g b to create a Gist from the current buffer.

Spacemacs Git menu

Prompt for GitHub account details

The first time using GitHub from Spacemacs you will be prompted for your GitHub username & password. If you have already used GitHub from Spacemacs, then your account details will have been saved so you do not need to enter them each time.

Listing your Gists

SPC g g l will display a buffer listing all Gists for your account.

Spacemacs - Gist list

Use the following commands in the Gist list buffer.

Normal Description
RET open gist
f open gist in another buffer
K delete current gist
o open gist in your web browser
g reload gist list
e edit the gist description
y copy gist URL
* star (favorite) a gist (shows only on GitHub)
^ remove star from gist
f fork gist on GitHub
+ add file to current gist
- remove a file from current gist

Updating a Gist

SPC g g l to show the list of gists.

RET opens the gist in Spacemacs and make changes.

SPC f s prompts to save a local copy of the file, saving there and creating a new version on

Gists created from a buffer are not updated

Creating a Gist from a buffer has no direct link between that buffer and the Gist. Any changes to the buffer is not updated.

Once the gist is created, delete the original file and open the Gist (as described above). Then changes to the file will be saved

Creating Gists from files with dird

If you open a dired buffer you can make gists from marked files, m, by pressing @. This will make a public gist out of marked files (or if you use with a prefix, it will make private gists)

Gist - create a gist from the marked files in dired

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