Git configuration for GitHub access

Generate an SSH key and add it to your GitHub account.

By using an SSH key it remove the need to enter your GitHub credentials each time you work with a remote repository (push, pull, clone, etc.).

SSH Key Passphrase

Practicalli recommends setting a passphrase on your key and adding that passphrase to a keyring tool. Ubuntu desktop has a key ring tool installed, so the first time you use your SSH key it will prompt you to save it and you can select that the key is unlocked when you login to the computer.

Add GitHub access to Git configuration

Spacemacs requires a personal access token to communicate with the GitHub API, allowing Spacemacs to act on behalf of your account.

First add your GitHub account name to the Git configuration

git config --global github.user practicalli

Add GitHub personal access token

Visit your GitHub account and generate a personal access token.

The token should have the repo and gists permissions

Add the personal access token to Git configuration (using your own token)

git config --global github.oauth-token 5aa705bda08803e0ed59c39e0a4101c0fea0ec3b

The ~/.gitconfig file will be updated and should look similar to this example

Git configuration - user name and email with GitHub user name and oauth token

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