Create snippets from existing text

helm-yas-create-snippet-on-region is an effective way to create snippets from existing text.

Select a code block that you often create and using the yasnippets tools to create your own generic template

  1. v for visual select and highlight the text for the snippet. Or use SPC v and grow the selected region
  2. SPC SPC helm-yas-create-snippet-on-region creates a new snippet
  3. Enter the name you wish to refer to this snippet
  4. Select the major mode you want to add the snippet too (eg. clojure, markdown, html)
  5. Edit the text and delete any text that is not required
  6. Add tab points in the snippet if relevant
    • $1 initial cursor position, $2 next cursor position on tab, $0 end cursor position.
  7. C-c C-t calls yas-tryout-snippet to test the snippet has the right behaviour
  8. `C-c C-c calls yas-load-snippet-buffer-and-close to load the snippet into the specified major mode and closes the snippet buffer

Edit an existing snippet

SPC SPC yas/visit-snippet-file displays a helm popup listing snippets. Enter a pattern to narrow the list or C-j and C-k to navigate the snippets. RET to select the snippet.

Edit the snippet and SPC f s to save file

C-c C-c calls the function yas-load-snippet-buffer-and-close which loads the snippet into Spacemacs and closes the buffer.

C-c C-t calls yas-tryout-snippet to test the snippet and check the placement of your tab stops.

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