Refactor ns namespace definitions

Refactor ns forms using clojure-mode, meaning these refactor commands work even when the REPL is not running.

Pull request to be merged

Defined in pull request 13755 so will only be available once this PR is merged.

Keybinding Command Description
SPC m r a n clojure-insert-ns-form Add current namespace (from file name) to top of buffer
SPC m r a N clojure-insert-ns-form-at-point Add current namespace (from file name) at point
SPC m r s n clojure-sort-ns Sort namespaces inside an ns form (e.g. required namespaces)

clj-refactor contains commands to add require forms to the ns form.

Adding a namespace

, r a n will add a namespace definition to the top of the buffer, useful when creating a new Clojure/Script file. The namespace is taken from the file name, using kebab case for separate names.

, r a N is useful if a comment block is used at the start of source code files or if you want to control the placement of the namespace definition.

Updating a namespace

clojure-update-ns has an outstanding bug, so its not possible to update the name of an existing namespace.

One option is to use , r N to add a new namespace at point and cut/paste the name over the original namespace name.

Sorting namespaces within an ns form

, r s n alphabetically sorts the required namespace names within an ns form.

Organizing by purpose

When there are more than a few required namespaces, it can be valuable to group namespaces by their purpose rather than alphabetically.

Spacemacs Clojure - ns namespace required grouped by purpose

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