Managing Library Dependencies - Leiningen only

Restart the REPL when adding new libraries

The following techniques may work for specific projects, although hot-loading libraries into a running REPL has been problematic. Hot loading has been disabled in some versions of Cider due to bugs.

Update project dependencies using clj-refactor on your project.clj configuration file.

  • ap - Add a project dependency (library) - required REPL restart
  • up - Update the project dependency versions
  • sp - Sort project dependencies

If you are adding libraries as dependencies then you may wish to refactor the relevant namespace, as shown in the next section.

ap Add project dependency

, r a p to search a library and add a specific version of that library to your project dependencies, without having to browse separately.

A selected library version is added to the dependency vector of the Leiningen project.clj file.

When this function is called with a prefix, C-u, the artifact cache is refreshed synchronously.

up Update project dependency versions

, r u p to update the version for each library in your Leiningen dependency configuration.

Alternatively you can use lein-ancient plugin to update dependencies in your project.

deps.edn projects

practicalli/clojure-deps-edn contains an :update alias that uses depot to update deps.edn projects

sp Sort project dependencies

, r s p in the project.clj buffer to alphabetically sort the library names in the project :dependencies configuration.

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