Formatting Code

Spacemacs automatically formats code as you are writing it, following the conventions in the Clojure Style Guide. Therefore its rare that these formatting tools are needed to be used manually.

Indentation of your code can be manually applied by pressing TAB

Formatting code commands are part of Clojure Mode and found under M-RET f

Spacemacs Clojure clj-refactor formatting menu


Formats the Clojure code in the current buffer.

FIXME: what are the formatting rules ?

Major Mode Major mode shortcut Spacemacs Spacemacs shortcut
M-RET f b M-RET = SPC m f b SPC m =

clojure-align - Vertical Alignment

Vertically align the contents of the sexp around point.

Major mode Evil Spacemacs Emacs
M-RET f l , f l SPC m f l C-c SPC

If region is active, align it. Otherwise, align everything in the current "top-level" sexp.

When called from lisp code align everything between BEG and END.

For example, you can vertically align the values in a map

(def my-map
  {:a-key 1
   :other-key 2})

(def my-map
  {:a-key     1
   :other-key 2})

This can also be done automatically (as part of indentation) by turning on clojure-align-forms-automatically. This way it will happen whenever you select some code and hit TAB.

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