Convert between collection types

Quickly convert an existing collection (list, map, vector, set) to a different collection type without breaking the structure of that collection (i.e without loosing the closing character)

Place the cursor on the opening character of the collection ( { [ # and use one of the following commands

Spacemacs Normal Emacs Command Description
SPC m r c [ , r c [ C-c C-r [ clojure-convert-to-vector convert to vector
SPC m r c { , r c { C-c C-r { clojure-convert-to-map convert to map
SPC m r c # , r c # C-c C-r # clojure-convert-to-set convert to set
SPC m r c ( , r c ( C-c C-r ( clojure-convert-to-list convert to list
SPC m r c ' , r c ' C-c C-r ' clojure-convert-to-quoted-list convert to quoted list

Syntax not checked during refactor

Collections are converted regardless of whether the resulting collection is of the correct structure. For example, converting to a map does not check for balanced key-value pairs. Neither does converting to a set check for unique values.

These commands replace the previous cycle collection command from earlier versions of clj-refactor.

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