Code folding

Code folding allows you to collapse a code block onto one line, allowing you to see more of your code in the window. A code block for Clojure includes comments, def, defn and the threading macros -> and -->.

Overview of a namespace

z m shows just the names of all function definitions and vars in a namespace, providing a quick way to review all namespace api.


Evil state Description
z a Toggle fold for current code block
z c Folds a code block
z m Folds all code in buffer
z o Opens current folded code block
z O Opens current folded code block recursively
z r Opens all folded code blocks in the buffer

Code Fold Transient State

You can use a transient state for folding code via SPC z ., which seems to be most useful when reviewing code.

Spacemacs - Zoom - Code Fold transient state

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