Code folding methods

There are two code folding methods, evil folding (the default) and origami. Evil fold is recommended for Clojure development.

Origami adds a recursive open and close and what it calls an org-mode header collapse (didn't seem to work on Clojure code). Origami seems less useful for Clojure than evil-fold, as folding seems to only work at the top level.

Origami allows you to write your own parser to teach different ways to fold code. Origami is a great choice if you want to customise your code folding.

Switching to origami code folding

SPC f e d to open the .spacemacs file

SPC s s dotspacemacs-folding-method to find the code folding setting, RTN to end the search.

Change the code folding method: dotspacemacs-folding-method 'origami

SPC q r to restarting Emacs and download the origami package.

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