Changing Fonts and Zooming

You can change the font to any currently installed on your computer. The default font is Source Code Pro.

Ubuntu Mono is also a great font to use for code. This font is available from the Ubuntu Font Family and on all Ubuntu operating systems (and derivatives).

To change font, open the ~/.spacemacs file (SPC f e d) and edit the dotspacemacs-default-font

   dotspacemacs-default-font '("Ubuntu Mono"
                               :size 16
                               :weight normal
                               :width normal)

Zooming - Emacs Frame and Font Size

If you attach an external monitor, share your screen, give demos or presentations in Emacs, then you may need to scale the font size of your buffer or if using multiple buffers, zoom the size of your Emacs frame.

Use the Spacemacs Zoom menu to enter a transient state that will let you zoom text or frame size.

Spacemacs Emacs Description
SPC z f M-m z f Zoom all the buffers in the current frame, including the which-key and helm pop-up buffers
SPC z x M-m z x Scale the font of only the current buffer

Spacemacs - Zoom Text Transient State - Font Scalling

Spacemacs - Zoom Frame Transient State


Adjusting the font size of a buffer is not permanent. If font or frame size is often changed, edit your .spacemacs configuration, SPC f e d and change the :size setting in dotspacemacs-default-font.

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