Show REPL Buffer on Connect

Spacemacs does not show the Clojure REPL buffer once you have connected (cider-jack-in). You can open and jump to the REPL buffer using , s s. This keybinding toggles focus between the repl and code buffers.

You can also open the buffer list, SPC b b and if there are many open buffers narrow the list by typing repl. This is useful when you are using ClojureScript, which has two repls (Clojure REPL & ClojureScript REPL).

To automatically show the REPL buffer once you have connected, add the following code to the dotspacemacs/user-config section of the .spacemacs file.

(with-eval-after-load 'cider
  (setq cider-repl-pop-to-buffer-on-connect t))

Spacemacs - Clojure - Show REPL Buffer on Connect

The REPL buffer will open as an additional window in the current frame.

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