Spacemacs Comments

M-; creates a line comment on a new line or adds a comment at the end of an existing line.

g c c toggles a line commend for the current line, g c to toggle the selected region.

Spacemacs comment key bindings

Spacemacs uses the same keybindings and commands to comment any programming language or mode. The character and style of comments is defined in each layer or package that layer includes.

If a mode does not have a comment character, Spacemacs will prompt for one in the mode line.

Key binding Description
SPC ; ; Toggle comment current line
SPC ; i i Toggle comment current line indented
SPC ; p a Toggle comment paragraph
g c c Toggle comment current line
g c a p Toggle comment selected paragraphs
g c SPC y Comment up to a line with avy
g y Paste a commented copy of the current line above
v select region g c Comment selected region
M-; (any state) New comment line or add comment to end of line

Evil-commentary layer

Spacemacs uses the evil-commentary layer to provide a commenting tool for all other layers.

Clojure comments

Clojure uses line comments, the comment function and the #_ reader macro.

Evaluating forms in Rich comments

Expressions contained within a (comment ,,,) form are not evaluated when a namespace is evaluated, i.e. , e b to evaluate the current buffer. So its a useful form for code only evaluated directly by the developer.

Setting clojure-toplevel-inside-comment-form to true in the Clojure layer enables expressions to be evaluated within the (comment ,,,) form using the usual evaluation commands, (i.e. , e f).

(clojure :variables clojure-toplevel-inside-comment-form t)
  ;; Stop / restart application server
  (app-server-start 8888)
  (app-server-restart 8888)

  ;; OS environment variables / Java properties
  (System/getenv "PORT")

Example rich comment from Banking on Clojure project in Practicalli Clojure Web Services

Creating sections with line comments

Logical sections within a namespace aid navigation and understanding, as well as identifying opportunities to refactor a namespace as it grows in size.

Sections are defined using consecutive line comments characters, which can easily be generated using Evil repeat.

42 i ; ESC will create a line of 42 ; characters.

Or Emacs repeat using Control and a number to repeat the following character C-42

  • C-7 ; - ;;;;;;;
  • C-24 ; - ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  • C-42 ; - ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Multiple digit repeats

hold the control key and press the first number, then release both keys and press the remaining numbers followed by the character to repeat

Use C-g if you want to cancel at any time before hitting the character to be repeated

Classic Emacs comments

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