Cider doc

View the documentation for function definitions and other vars, including links to browse the Clojure specification and source code.

Evaluate a namespace to enable Help

Help only works for special forms (def, if, etc.) until any namespace from a project is first evaluated.

, ' (sesman-start) to start or connect to a REPL process

, e f with the cursor on the namespace definition in the source code buffer. This loads the clojure.core functions and vars and the required namespaces for the current namespace.

Alternatively, use , e b to evaluate a source code buffer if all source code in that namespace is syntactically correct.

, h h shows the documentation for the current function or var under the cursor, or prompts for a function or var name.

Spacemacs Clojure docs - defn example

The documentation popup shows

  • the argument list of a function
  • meta data (version added, scope, etc)
  • doc-string describing the function or var
  • Clojure spec - argument, return specifications
  • Location and link to source code
  • Links to related functions

Viewing the source code

RET on the link to the source code will open the source in a separate buffer.

Spacemacs Clojure docs source code - defn example

Viewing the specification

RET on the Browse Spec link will open the specification in a separate buffer.

Spacemacs Clojure docs source code - defn example

Clojuredocs examples

Clojuredocs is a website with the documentation for the Clojure Standard Library. Each entry also contains many code examples of using each function, contributed by the Clojure community.

Spacemacs Clojure documentation - clojuredocs example

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