Cider Jack-in to the REPL

, ' or , m s (sesman-start) and select a cider-jack-in command to start a REPL process

What is jack-in

Jack-in will start a new REPL process and automatically connect to that process from the editor.

Jack-in will call either the clojure or lein command to start the REPL process, based on what project configuration files are found (project.clj for Leiningen and deps.edn for Clojure CLI) in the root of the current project. A prompt is displayed if there are multiple project configuration files to choose from.

Jack-in ensures the REPL process is started with the libraries and middleware required by CIDER. Then the rest of the jack-in process is the same as connect, but done so automatically.

Customise jack-in

SPC u , m s opens the jack-in command in the minibuffer and that command can be edited to customise how the Clojure REPL process starts.

Clojure CLI jack-in customisation are used to add development-time only libraries and paths

Leiningen controls the REPL startup process, often using profiles. Read the Leiningen tutorial for detailed examples.

A user namespace allows for further customisation of the REPL startup

Multiple project configuration files

If both a project.clj file and a deps.edn file exist in the root of a project, Cider jack-in will prompt for the command to use

Use a .dir-locals.el file to set the command that Cider jack-in will use each time

For Leiningen:

((clojure-mode (cider-preferred-build-tool . clojure-cli)))

For Clojure CLI:

((clojure-mode (cider-preferred-build-tool . lein)))

Common REPL start / restart keybindings

Key bindings Command
, ' or , m s start a REPL, selecting the type (sesman-start)
, m b browse active REPL's (sesman-browse)
, m i show information about the current REPL (sesman-info)
, m q r restart the REPL, quit and jack-in. (sesman-restart)
, m q q quit the REPL (sesman-quit)
, e n refresh stale code and load new code into the REPL (cider-ns-refresh)
, e N force reload the current namespaces in the REPL (cider-ns-reload)

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