Rename or deleting files from the project

SPC f R to rename and existing file.

SPC f D to permanently delete a file.

Source code files

, r r on a namespace name uses LSP to rename that namespace and file name consistently, especially where a namespace is required within other namespace forms.

When changing a namespace, the Vars, def / defn expressions, it contains should be removed from the running REPL, to prevent inconsistencies between the code and REPL.

, e u (cider-undef) will remove the current var from the REPL (uses nREPL undef command)

Alternatively, , q r to restart the REPL after names have been changed or deleted.

Version Controlled files

SPC g s opens Magit status.

s to stage the deleted file (previous file name) and the new file name (in untracked files). Magit status should show the file as renamed, unless the contents was significantly changed.

x on a file name in Magit Status buffer will delete that file. A prompt will show in the mini-buffer to confirm you want to 'Trash' the file.

v enters visual select mode, j and k can be used to select multiple files. x deletes all the selected files, with a mini-buffer prompt to confirm.

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