Create a Clojure Project

Clojure projects can be generated from templates using one of the Clojure build tools (Clojure CLI, Leiningen or Boot).

SPC ' opens a popup buffer containing an eshell terminal. Or you can open a terminal window from your operating system.

Create a new project with Clojure CLI, using the app template and a project called practicalli/playground

clojure -M:project/new app practicalli/playground

Clojure CLI and clj-new required?

See the install Clojure section for details

Create a new project with Leiningen, using the lib template and a project called playground

lein new lib playground

Leiningen build tool required?

See Leiningen for details

Adding files to your project

See the section on adding a new file when you need to add more namespaces to your project.

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