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Community Configuration Projectsλ︎

Practicalli Neovim book covers the following configurations:

Practicalli Neovim Config Reduxλ︎

Practicalli Neovim Config Redux

  • Fennel configuration
  • Packer package manager & Treesitter support
  • Mnemonic key bindings
  • Telescope selectors
  • Autocompletion (cmp) & snippets (luasnip)
  • Esc with center row keys, e.g. "fd"

AstroNvim and Practicalli AstroNvim Configλ︎

AstroNvim and Practicalli AstroNvim Config organised configuration with a polished UI

  • Neovim 9 support
  • Lazy for plugins (packages for Neovim)
  • Mason to manage install for LSP, DAP, lint and format tools
  • Treesitter and language parser support
  • Telescope selectors
  • Notification dialogs
  • Autocompletion (cmp) & snippets (luasnip)
  • Neovim 9 background switch (live toggle light & dark theme)
  • Hidden command line cmdheight=0 (Neovim 0.8 onward)
  • Esc with center row keys, e.g. "fd" (user: plugins/core.lua)

Alternative configurationsλ︎

Practicalli Neovim does not cover the following Community configurations.

  • Magit Kit fennel configuration from the author of Conjure
  • cajus-nvim inspiration for practicalli/neovim-config-redux
  • LazyVim lazy & mason configuration
  • NvChad polished UI with Lazy optomisations

Long term project: Fennel config with AstroNvim-like UI experience

A very long term goal for Practicalli is to create a Neovim configuration written predominatly in Fennel, providing a rich user experience on par with the very polished experience of AstroNvim.

Lazy and Mason should be used to manage packages and tools (LSP & DAP servers, lint & format tools).

Which-key should provide a mnemonic menu system similar to the Spacemacs experience.