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Add Neovim Packagesλ︎

Evolving Packages in Practicalli config

Check the practicalli/neovim-config-reduct configuration. Many packages have been added to the configuration and fnl/config/package.fnl is the most up to date list of packages currently used.

List of packages and their purpose

Package Description
conjure Clojure REPL Driven Development (and other language REPLs)
sexp Structured Editing
newpaper theme Clean and simple UI & colour scheme, aimed at readably
lualine Fast and configurable statusline
nvim-treesitter Parse code highly efficiently, client for LSP servers
telescope Completion tool, e.g. select files, buffers tabs, packages, etc
nvim-tree Visual file manager - open, create, delete, etc. files & directories
neogit Magit style visual Git client
Octo Git Issues and Pull Requests
gitsigns Show diff changes in buffer gutter and status line

Any specific package configuration & key bindings (on sub page if significant content)

Package selection criteriaλ︎

Packages are more likely to be adopted if:

  • provide valuable (or fun) features
  • work reliably, without generating errors
  • do not conflict with other valuable packages in this configuration
  • written in fennel or lua to aid maintenance
  • provides a setup or config function for setting package options
  • use features provided by Neovim (e.g treesitter)
  • are well documented
  • are easy to configure
  • are easy to use
  • work well with themes (where relevant)

Package Updatesλ︎

This Week In Neovim - community update