Why ClojureScript

Clojurescript is a well designed, general purpose programming language that generates highly optimised Javascript output.

The Clojurescript syntax is small and simple to learn, although becoming used to thinking functionally will take a little more effort. Functional programming will make your applications simpler to understand and therefore easier to maintain and extend.

Clojurescript also provides an easy way to use Javascript and its vast array of libraries. You can call Javascript functions using the same syntax as Clojurescript.

Application design is simple and yet powerfull, with a focus on managing data with immutable data structures (list, vector, map & set).

Many new things in Clojurescript

Leaning Clojurescript is valuable

So in this section we will cover the aspects that make learning ClojureScript valuable.

Hint Many ideas and imagery were used from the Clojure Conj talk: Clojure for Skeptics by Derek Slager on Youtube.com.

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