Run the project

On the command line, change into the directory landing-page and run the command to start building the project

clojure -M:fig:build
lein fig:build

Spacemacs and Cider Jack-in

SPC f f to open the file landing-page/src/clojurebridge/landing_page.cljs

, m s (sesman-start) and select the command cider-jack-in-cljs

When prompted for the REPL type, select figwheel-main

Spacemacs - ClojureScript REPL - prompt for REPL type

When prompted for the build, type dev

Spacemacs - ClojureScript REPL - figwheel-main build name

After a few moments, the default web browser will automatically open at [http://localhost:9500/] and show the running ClojureScript application.

ClojureScript project - initial website

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