Create a ClojureScript project

Create a new ClojureScript project for the development of a website for ClojureBridge London

Use the figwheel-main template with the reagent library to create the the foundation of the project code.

Clojure CLI tools and clj-new, for example using the :project/new alias from practicalli/clojure-deps-edn user-level aliases for community tools.

clj -M:project/new figwheel-main clojurebridge/landing-page -- --reagent

Using Leiningen

lein new figwheel-main clojurebridge/landing-page -- --reagent

A working project is created and when run will show a very basic web page

figwheel-main template

figwheel-main-template project provides a simple way to create a minimal ClojureScript project, optionally using reagent, rum, or react to create a react-style single page app (SPA)

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