Add a function to define each section

work in progress, sorry

List of section ideas

  • Registration (sign up button, date, location, etc.)
  • Current sponsor (details of the current sponsor, sponsor messaging)
  • ClojureBridge overview (description of the event)
  • Clojure Showcase (some projects that demonstrate what Clojure can do)
  • Learning paths (links to the various curriculums)
  • Clojure Installation (how to set up a development environment)
  • ClojureBridge Schedule (what happens and when)
  • Resources (documentation, how to practice clojure, books, videos, etc)
  • Coaching guide (documentation to help coaches coach the students)
  • Sponsors guide (how to sponsor ClojureBridge and what to get out of it)
  • Past events (overview of all previous events, date, location, sponsors, etc.)
  • Models of learning (ideas on how to learn more effectively)

Create a function for each section of the website you want to add.

Reagent examples

Introduction to Reagent has many simple examples of functions you can include in the website

Guide to Reagent has even more examples

Create a banner heading using Bootstrap hero style

(defn website-title []
  [:section {:class "hero"}
   [:h1 (get-in @app-state [:website :title])]
   [:h4 (get-in @app-state [:website :description])]])

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