Refactor content to its own namespace

work in progress, sorry

Create a new namespace called clojurebridge-landing-page.content in the file src/clojurebridge_landing_page/content.cljs

Move all function definitions, except landing-page from the content section to the new file for the namespace.

require the content namespace

Edit the the file src/clojurebridge_landing_page/core.cljs.

Update the clojurebridge-landing-page.core namespace to require the new clojurebridge-landing-page.content namespace

The content namespace should be given the alias content

(ns ^:figwheel-hooks clojurebridge-london-landing-page.core
   [goog.dom :as gdom]
   [reagent.core :as reagent :refer [atom]]
   [clojurebridge-landing-page.content :as content]))

Add the alias to the function calls

(defn main-page []
   [content/sponsor-current (get-in @app-state [:sponsors :current])]
   (content/level-separator "overview")
   (content/level-separator "showcase")
   (content/level-separator "learning-paths")
   (content/level-separator "install")
   (content/level-separator "schedule")
   (content/level-separator "resources")
   (content/level-separator "coaches")
   (content/level-separator "sponsors")

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